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Stay Safe On The Road During A Winter Storm

Published by Jennifer on January 8, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration

During the bomb cyclone your home may be impacted by the high winds and heavy snow, creating damages that may need to be addressed immediately. Both business and home owners can count on the water damage technicians at 911 Restoration of Pensacola to help them with any storm related issues around the clock.

We guarantee a quick arrival time to all of our customers, even if you call us in the middle of the storm, because our offices stay open 24/7/365, where service agents are standing by to help you day or night. Our storm damage repair unit always implements same day services for all water-based emergencies, which is why we are so vigilant about getting to you so quickly after the bomb cyclone has occurred.

Call us as soon as you notice an issue with your household during the storm and our emergency workers will give you free home inspection as soon as we arrive on the your doorstep.

Know How To Drive Safely During A Winter Storm

The safety of you and your family is the number one priority in the face of a winter storm, and 911 Restoration Pensacola wants you to be as prepared as possible on the road during the bomb cyclone.

You should try to stay indoors during the storm, but if you need to drive around you should try to have your car winterized before the storm hits to lessen any possibility of breaking down.

The mechanic will check your battery, wiper blades, washer fluid, antifreeze, oil, the ignition, thermostat, hazards, lights, heater, defroster, exhaust and brakes. The tires should also be replaced with winter tires that have optimal tread. You should also put chains on your tires to be safe.

Inside your car you may want to keep some tools, including a scraper for your windshield, a bag of sand to generate traction on the road if you get stuck, matches, a bright cloth to attach to your antenna and an emergency supply kit. Kitty litter also works, as long as it is labeled as “non clumping.”

Keep warm clothing inside the vehicle, including a winter coat, gloves, a hat, boots and even a blanket. You want to make sure there are sets of clothing for everyone in your family.

Check to make sure there is fuel in the car and have spare gas in the trunk in case you can’t go to a gas station during the blizzard. If you find yourself stranded, remember you can reach out to the local emergency services, FEMA and The Red Cross.

Providing Excellent Customer Service Throughout The Bomb Cyclone

It is important for our staff to first provide you with the emotional support you need to get through the storm. We make this a priority as soon as our repair unit gets to your home.

Keeping your well being in good condition is just as important to us as renovating your home. You need to feel calm and safe in order to think clearly, and with 911 Restoration Pensacola on the job, you will be able to do just that.

Our storm damage cleanup experts take customer service very seriously, which is one of the reasons we are the people you should call when you need help. We are reliable and efficient, so you can trust us to take care of you when you need it most.

Call 911 Restoration of Pensacola today, and we will make sure you get the attention you deserve during the bomb cyclone to get you on the path to a fresh start.

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